About Us

I created this blog with past experience in which I had experienced pain serious enough to rest at home for several weeks, so with the incident I began to realize how important health is.

Previously I did not really care about the name of health, I really like working so forget the rest and also do not notice time to eat.

But I am very thankful to God for His blessings I have very good health now and I can learn from past experiences so that now I am very concerned about health and to share experiences on the importance of health to all of you.

So I have the motto that "Healthy is  expensive, but Sick is much more expensive"
Remember if we have a good health, we can enjoy the beauty of this life, can work, travel with family, enjoy a variety of foods, etc...

So I  hope that the information contained in this blog can be a source of information, tips for you all to begin to pay attention to the importance of health. And ..

" Do not Say It's Too Late To Become Healthier and Better Again !! "